1. From scratch is going to command for your project.

This service will be useful if you are going to open and run an investment project on your own in an existing structure.

2. We provide highly specialized specialists for the project.

For a specific task, the necessary specialists get to the ready-made team (outsourcing).

Create and formation of the project team
Psychological Audit of the team

* 1−2 weeks of practical tools, combining a scientific approach and techniques for working with the unconscious, depending on the number of participants

Working with the Owner or CEO of the Company — 3 hours;
TOPS (3 people) — 3 hours of work with each participant;

Main staff:
Emotional and psychological intelligence
2 days of training for 5 hours — up to 10 participants.

Audit of the team

Do you want the expectations placed on the business to bring maximum benefit?

We offer a service-attracting an independent expert at meetings or negotiations.

Business support
Do you want your team to create a specific result?
Do you want to work together to reach the top of your business?

We offer an individual approach to Business training for your team.
Let us help you improve the mood and motivation of your employees to solve tasks in the company more effectively.

Work on an individual request: Coaching/Viewing
Consulting on individual requests