Center for engineering and business consulting services in the mining and processing. As well as in the field of mobile energetic and ecology.
about us
Our main task is to provide engineering services, business consulting services, as well as technical consulting and audit services.
We are a Russian consulting group that provides a full range of consulting services in the mining and processing industry, confirmed by the experience of our experts in dozens of successfully operating enterprises in Russia and the CIS countries.
our main services
1. Engineering services
Technological audit
Total audit
Engineering and technical consulting
Design and engineering
Create and formation of the project team
2. Consulting services
Psychological audit of the team
Business support
Consulting on individual requests
Provide a specialist or a team (or several specialists) from our list for part-time or full-time employment on your project, without hiring a staff (outsourcing)

Undertake effective team-building that allow you to maximize the potential of your project, identify hidden weaknesses and strengths of your team
Perform a comprehensive analysis to determine the feasibility of initiating an investment project
Support of your business by independent experts and coaches
Conduct trainings, transfer experience and knowledge on the requirements, depending on your request
Develop a financial and investment strategy for the project based on the forecast and market conditions
depending on your request, we can:
our experts
The company's Scientific and technical Council includes specialists from various fields of the mining sector.

In addition to permanent experts, we attract specialists and experts from Russian companies and institutions in the required areas. This makes the pricing policy of our services as flexible as possible for each client.

Processing engineers
Mining engineers
Business psychologist
why we are needed
2. We provide a comprehensive and independent evaluation of each project and are not affiliated with any supplier.
1. A highly professional team that implements cases using the project method.
3. Our experts have a continuous experience in the industry from 15 to 40 years and have a reputation as highly qualified specialists.
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